Our Story

Plain Prints Project was conceived to focus on vibrant conversational prints that are fun and wearable for all occasions. The basis for each print stems from our designer’s experiences and inspirations, drawn from the world we live in. Every print tells a story. It is an expression of one’s interest and individuality.

Our Made To Order approach ensures that we only produce what our customers need, avoiding overproduction, minimizing our carbon footprint and reduce fashion related wastes.

Plain Print Project's belief is that luxury fashion is based on more than just the price; it also encompasses the standard of craftsmanship, as well as social and environmental accountability. We believe and support our supply chain and pay all business partners from suppliers to agents and seamstresses to logistics, fairly. All materials are ethically sourced, and every aspect of production is carried out with the utmost consideration for the environment.

Our founder's grounding and expertise as a third generation fabric curator and thorough understanding of the fashion design processes, has allowed him to contextualize the bold, artistic vision he brings to his passion project, the cheekily named Plain Prints Project.

Experience the Plain Prints Project journey with us.